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nuve methodology
Built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.

Nuve Methodology


nuve methodology

#1 Planning

With any plan, you first need to determine where you are now and where you want to be. Before your business can begin to grow, you need to know exactly where you are in your business right now, what factors are leading you to this position and what steps need to be taken to move you closer to where you want to be.

Nuve was built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, with a mission of eliminating the disconnect between business owners and accountants. We structured our firm to be a partner to your business, who is invested in the success of you, your team, and your company.

We leveraged our entrepreneurial background to develop a unique approach to implementing the full finance function to your business that is both efficient and effective.


This approach is what we call our Nuve Methodology which consist of:


nuve methodology

Structuring your finance system correctly is key to ensuring all your financial data is being captured, efficiently and accurately. Which enables you to have timely reporting  that drives decisions to grow your business.

This structure is built around processes, technology and finance professionals.  Each of which is crucial to establishing a strong foundation to your business.

#2 Structuring

nuve methodology

As you begin moving towards your goals it is important to evaluate your business during each step to ensure you are progressing at the right pace and in the correct direction. This is where our reporting and forecasting comes in.

Our reporting and forecasting allow you to understand where you have made progress and where you need to continue to improve. It also provides you with predictable information so you know what financial results will come from your measured actions.

#3 Reporting & forecasting


nuve methodology

#4 Advising

As the leader of your business, you face tough decisions and at times may feel alone in navigating through these choices. Our Advising  provides you with support and guidance to help you make those decision and assist you through the different business stages.

Our Advisors are experienced finance professionals that will advise you through opportunities and obstacles to ensure you have someone on your side.

nuve methodology

Learn how Nuve can help you grow a more predictable & profitable business

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