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Accurate bookkeeping is essential for the success of every business. When it comes to the best kind of online bookkeeping service, small business owners need QuickBooks Online. To get the most value for this software, small business owners can use QuickBooks Online in the following 5 ways.

  1. Mobile Being able to access your cash balance or customer payment history on the go is very important for small business owners who are often out of the office. You can access QuickBooks Online from your phone or tablet, and even set up alerts and email periodic reports right from your device.

  2. Cloud By having access to QuickBooks anywhere you have an internet connection, you eliminate the need to back up files or maintain a server. Since QuickBooks Online automatically updates, there is also no need to manage multiple versions of the software.

  3. Activity Log News feeds are increasingly popular with social media, so why not have one for your bookkeeping? QuickBooks’ activity log allows you to view financial transactions and login history. This can help you keep a close eye on your business accounts, and decrease the likelihood of fraudulent activities.

  4. Invoices You work hard to maintain your business, so keeping track of invoices and payments from your customers is key. QuickBooks Online make creating invoices easy, and even sends them out automatically. It also provides an option for your customers to pay via credit card.

  5. Apps QuickBooks aims to give its customers the best experience possible. They do so by giving you the option of purchasing apps to add to your system. These third-party apps include inventory and project management, and CRM.

Running a small business requires having the right tools to help you get the job done in a timely and correct manner. Contact us today if you have questions about using QuickBooks Online or need help setting up your online bookkeeping service.


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